Aloha, my name is Geoffrey T. Moore, founder and sole proprietor of Silver Moon Art & Design.

I am an artist, animal lover, nature enthusiast, and a grateful resident of Maui, Hawaii since 2002. I graduated Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication in 1997, and have worked passionately as a graphic artist ever since. I launched Silver Moon Art & Design in 2004, and I have taken great pride in delivering outstanding graphic design with friendly and dedicated service. In the past few years, I have been offering my personal artwork and designs for sale through my studio and retail locations on Maui, and now through my online store. The artwork and designs I sell here are labors of love. I have taken great time and consideration with these works before offering them to you.

I am inspired by nature. The first time I came to Maui I was blown away by the surreal and ever changing landscapes and climate zones. I was also enthralled by sharing space with our seasonal Humpback Whales. I spend much of my recreational time over the winter kayaking and sailing Maui’s leeward waters to witness these gentle giants. Haleakala National Park is another grand display of Hawaii’s rugged nature that I have a love affair with. I have slept on its crater floor under starry blue skies and felt earthquakes shake the ground beneath me. It’s a raw wilderness that reveals itself to me in new ways though it’s dynamic weather and seasonal changes.

My love of nature is rooted in my love of animals large and small. This love was given to me by my parents, Gerald and Julie Moore, who raised me among our various pets, namely, dogs, cats, and horses. I have always been humbled by the special connections our pets allow us to have with them. In nature, I have been awed by the moments where I get to witness or share connection with wild animals. It is my hope that we can find a way as a worldwide society to give all our our earthly kin a fighting chance to survive in a healthy environment.

As a graphic designer on Maui, I have been proud to be of service to, and volunteer for, various non-profit organizations in the environmental sector such as Sierra Club of Hawaii, Maui Tomorrow, Project S.E.A.-Link, Maui Nui Marine Resource Council, and Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project, to name a few. Many of my store products donate a portion of profits to local non-profits on Maui, as well as worldwide organizations like Sea Shepard that I feel are taking aggressive action towards conservation.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read about me. I welcome you to contact me. I would love to hear from you.


Geoffrey T. Moore