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Silver Moon Art & Design
Plato Lunar Lab

What most folks don't realize is that my design studio is actually located on the Moon atop Plato crater at 2440 meters. Commuting to and from Maui was a real pain, until now! Recently I was able to develop technology called Reality Locale (TM, patent pending) which mirrors the reality of my studio on the Moon at my office location in Pa‘ia. The totally indirect hella-red dotted beam allows this small miracle to happen (see above diagram). Sure, it causes unspeakable harm to surrounding populations, but no technology is perfect. Fortunately, warrants for my arrest have been tough to enforce here on the Moon. Returning to Maui now is not an option. And hey, I have my own problems. You think things up here are cake? Well, check this out:

Click if you dare.... Accident at the Plato Lunar Lab

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